Stephanie Sneed For School Board


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Stephanie’s Vision

An innovative approach to: 

  •  EQUITY - Closing the achievement gap by ensuring ALL
    children receive a sound quality education, with support from parents
    and community partners.

  • AID - Increase opportunities of mental health support to
    students, especially those subject to Adverse Childhood Experiences

  • SUPPORT - Provide support to teachers and staff, including
    innovative incentives, quality staffing and equitable salaries.

  • PARTNERSHIPS - Foster public-private partnerships to ensure
    students are college or career ready

  • SECURE  - Ensure students, teachers and staff have an
    environment that is secure and feels safe



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 About Stephanie

Stephanie Sneed is an attorney who has committed her professional and personal life to public service. She is a public education advocate that serves on the board of the Thomasboro Foundation and a member of the CLT Westside Education Think Tank, which are committed to raising awareness to issues and offering solutions in the educational arena including empowering parents by providing guidance on how to navigate the education system and become the best advocates for their children.  She is also an active CMS and Girl Scout volunteer and a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.